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Mediaboard – What is a Category Pack?

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Top up and copy Mediaboard

What is a Category Pack?

You can top up your Mediaboard with a category pack when you need more categories for your topics or when you need to edit categories.

Original Mediaboard C-License

  • You can create and edit as many categories as are allowed in the Mediaboard license (1, 5, 10, 20).
  • If you need more categories than those available you have to top-up your board with a category pack.


Mediaboard Copies and Replicas

Every Mediaboard can be copied and shared for free. The PRO functionality of each copy is not limited and all content is visible. The following rules apply for the categories of a board copy:

  • Every inclusive copy (IC) of an original board my have all categories edited (1:1 copy).
  • Every other copy (Replica) must be topped up with a category pack so that its categories can be worked with.
  • When you need more categories that those available, you must top up with a category pack.


Category Pack Top-Up

  1. Visit our online shop (shop link) and choose the category pack you need.
  2. After purchase you will receive a confirmation and in addition an e-mail with the top-up code, which you enter into your board or can copy and paste.
  3. The new category slots are then avialable immediately.


Mediaboard Notifications

The rules for copying categories are supported by Mediaboard with instructions. You are always informed when:

  • Copying a board, the number of inclusive copies has been exceeded and the current copy being created is a Replica.
  • Creating a category and the maximum number of categories is exceeded, the actual copy will become a Replica.
  • You want to copy a non-original board and the further copies will be created as Replica.
  • You want to edit the category of a Replica board which has not yet been topped up.

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