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The full power of Mediaboard PRO


The free version is not available anymore.


Free use of the PRO Version 2.7 for everyone.
yesMedia Files, Documents, Links, Streaming Media and Portable Foldersyes
Playback of all common audio and video formats. Viewing of PDF documents and all common image formats. Any file type can be added as a card attachment.
yesCustomisable Board Stylesyes
Wide range of design, layout and background options to colour and size the board elements. Custom designs for each category.
yesCard Optionsyes
Customisable card appearance for optimal viewing on screen. (Includes dimension, corners, transparency and spacing.)
yesAuto Preview Imagesyes
Just paste a YouTube or Vimeo link into a card and Mediaboard will automatically grab the video poster. The quickest way to build a sharable video playlist.
yesAutosize Category Namesyes
Automatic font sizing of category names to fit into labels or manual adjustments to create cool effects.
3Categories per BoardUnlimited
The FREE version has a maximum of 3 categories per board. The PRO version can have unlimited categories.
50Cards per Category150
The FREE version holds up to 50 cards per category, in total 150 cards per board. The PRO version holds up to 150 cards per category.
noBubble Layeryes
Use speech bubbles where you can input text to explain all parts of your board and presentation to be saved as a screenshot.
yesEasy Shareyes
Easy replication of a board with a few clicks to a cloud-synched folder, removable storage device or any other folder directly from within Mediaboard. No need to use Windows Explorer to copy the board.
noPassword Protectionyes
Prevention of changes to board settings, style, content and card order by locking them with a password.
noCloud Capableyes
Mediaboard can be used on a shared cloud drive on different computers at the same time. The board content (Categories and Cards) is the same everywhere although it is possible to have different board designs for every computer.
noMaster and Client Boardsyes
When Mediaboard is shared over the cloud or a network then the original board is the master board and all other active copies or instances are client boards. As the master board owner you maintain control over the client boards.
yesCard Formatting Effectsyes
Basic card codes can be applied to a card or a group of cards to create nice font, colour and transparency effects. (See effects list).
noCard Animation Effectsyes
Advanced card codes can be applied to a card or a group of cards to achieve various effects including custom fonts, touch and background sound, random card fade and pulse and date locked cards. (See effects list).
yesImaging Moduleyes
Super easy pasting of images from the clipboard as card image with re-positioning, automatic cropping and resizing to achieve best native display.
yesPop-Up Imagesyes
Images can be opened in a preview pop-up which can be dragged, enlarged and printed. Multiple pop ups and stacking possible on one display.
yesPop-Up Textyes
A text box that opens like a pop-up image and can contain additional information about a card. The pop-up text can be formatted as heavy, script, big and small.
yesBackground Image Repositionyes
Vertical position adjustment of background image, which is also automatically resized for optimal appearance. Important for portrait background images.
noBackground Videoyes
Video can be used as animated background. (The system must have the necessary video codec installed.)
yesSort Modeyes
Sorting of categories and cards by Drag & Drop. Moving of cards into other categories.
yesGrid Modeyes
The default table-like display in various card sizes. Applies to both card type Classic and Poster.
noSpread Modeyes
Individual positioning of cards across the display for hotspotting of specific areas. Applies to both card type Classic and Poster.
yesSearch Modeyes
Powerful cross-board search functionality, by card title, description, as well as file type, url and card code. Easily find and edit cards directly while in search mode.
noKiosk Modeyes
For public access, showrooms, exhibitions and events. The board is protected against changing, minimising, or exiting.
noVideo and TV Streamingyes
Streaming and playing videos, music and TV channels directly from the internet and the cloud. Play YouTube without ads. This option uses external players like Media Player Classic, VLC Player or SM Player.
yesKeyboard Shortcutsyes
Quick working and navigation around the board using keystrokes.

We offer Mediaboard HD Touch PRO 2.7 at no cost (private and educational use) due to the development of the new 3.0 release in spring 2021. Get your copy here!

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