Mediaboard HD Touch

– A digital multimedia board for Windows PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smartboards –

Digital media as you go.
Mediaboard is a desktop app for Windows that lets you collect, organise, show and share digital media  with a modern and beautiful interface. Portable and cloud-capable.

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Education and Training

Training modules, Tutorial videos

My Training Board

Bring your training resources like manuals, specifications, guides and product videos into one interactive platform and make each module standout with an individual design theme. Multiply the learning effect by interacting with information in a more dynamic, integrated and comprehensive way.

For family and friends

Watch your favorite movies

My Movie Board

Play videos, access your streaming video and TV channels and share your movie board with others in the cloud. Create digital libraries from your DVDs or Blurays. Show on PCs, laptops and tablets or beam and stream to walls and Smart TVs in full HD.

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Sample: A movie category showing the latest blockbusters.

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Sample: The Action category appears in the classic card view.

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Brilliant designs with random card colors.

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The Spread Mode allows you to position cards individually.
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Cards are the containers for your digital resources.
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About categories and cards, styles and layouts.

Digital Education for Schools and Universities

Create motivating lessons

My Smart Board

Digital curriculum resources are accessed directly from Mediaboard´s portable platform using multimedia in a dynamic way that optimises blended learning for each chosen topic. Build interactive content boards that can be customised and used by teachers and students on their computers, laptops, smartboards and wall screens.

Meetings, Conferences, Exhibitions

Many formats,
one app

My Best-of Board

With Mediaboard you can collect, organise, present and share different types of digital resources that can also be visualised or branded with different themes, styles and layouts so you can target your content for dynamic messaging to different audiences.

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It’s time for agile presentations

Walk in with confidence

My Presentation Board

Be fully supported by clear layouts and easy functionality for controlling your content so you can call up information in a targeted and confident way during presentations. Mediaboard offers a fresh way to collect and customise your digital resources in a single app giving you many options in the way content can be presented both interactively and intuitively.

New & Interesting

Bring Your Content To Life


Collect any digital format

Gather documents, videos, music, YouTube, web links, and other digital content from various sources on Mediaboard´s fully independent, dynamic and user-friendly platform.


Organise, style, present

Visualise your digital resources and give them a face. You´ll enjoy working on a modern, elegant interface with design and layout components to brand beautiful boards in minutes.


Share, receive, ready-to-go

Share digital content in one go to teams, customers or the public via the cloud, portable devices or directly into a board using Mediaboard Content Package exchange.

Board design. Faster than webdesign.


Many customising options

Sort and search, use different types of layouts, create individual designs, and activate different formatting effects and animation.


FREE & PRO Comparison

Enjoy full featured boards that allow you to interact with content dynamically on your desktop or touch screen.


Get inspired

Need ideas? Browse through our Mediboard Gallery to see some of our favourite board design projects and let your creativity flow.

Excite your audience, your friends, your family, or your colleagues with brilliant displays in HD on PCs, Laptops, tablets, wall screens, Smart TVs, or beamers.

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Mediaboard 2.7 available soon
More card effects in Mediaboard 2.7
New in 2.7: Multiple video pop-ups
New in 2.7: Card Effects Panel » Easily add card codes to a card
New in 2.7: Quick Control Panel » Quickly toggle board modes
New: Copy cards and send them via messaging apps
New in 2.7: Skip pop-up texts and play card media directly
Lots of improvements and fixes in Mediaboard 2.7