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Expand Your Possibilities

Wonderful user interface for richer interaction and agile presentation

– For Windows PCs, Laptops, Tablets, Smartboards –

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Categories are the top level structure for your board. Learn more about categories
Projects, files and links display as cards.Learn more about cards
In the Settings Panel find all options for your board. Learn More about the Settings Panel
Effortless functionality with touch, keyboard and mouse. Learn More about functionality
Multiple colour and style options to create your own board designs. Learn more about styling options
Distribute your board on USB and other storage devices. Learn more about sharing
Stream your board on a wallscreen or smart TV or beam it in HD on a projection screen. Learn more about streaming
Use Mediaboard in the cloud as a streamlined interface for all users. Learn more about Mediaboard in the cloud
PDF · Video · Office · MP3 · Images · YouTube · Movie Streaming · API & XHR · Touch-friendly · Portable · Cloud-capable · Conferences · Webcasts · Showrooms · Exhibitions · Teaching · Team Collaboration · Windows PCs · Tablets · Laptops · HD Beamer 

Organise, share and present digital resources in a personal or corporate design. Modern, cloud-capable, portable.

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Get Mediaboard

Mediaboard supports you on dynamic presentations.

After compulsory comes the freestyle. During and after your presentation with Mediaboard you will always be able to react quickly to questions asked, supported by different kinds of work samples, videos, documents or links that can be called up in a much faster, more agile and targeted way than on a desktop or from a company server. Discover a new sense of safety during presentations and meetings.

Thinking differently about content.

Alternative desktop from tiles and icons to dynamic cards.

mediaboard the way you know desktop - Mediaboard - Expand Possibilities


The Way You Know


  • Familiar and friendly functionality
  • Standard but system dependent
  • Icons that link to files or the web
  • Limited design options
  • Description only on hover (tool tip)
  • Non: distributable, portable, customisable


A Fresh Perspective


  • Modern and portable
  • Agile digital content presentation
  • Categories and cards for quick overview
  • Clear structure in list and square mode
  • Style that gives your files a face
  • Easy share your board for distribution
mediaboard the way to go - Mediaboard - Expand Possibilities

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