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By downloading our software you accept our license terms.

Download Installer

(Current Version: 2.6.3 Build 04)

Mediaboard Installer

Install Mediaboard it like a familiar
windows program. It will still be portable.

Install and Start

  1. Download the Mediaboard FREE Setup.
  2. Start the setup and follow the instructions.
  3. Find the Mediaboard icon on your desktop.

Mediaboard Portable

If you prefer not to use the installer,
you can get the packaged Mediaboard.

Extract and Start

  1. Download the Mediaboard FREE Zip-Archive.
  2. Extract the zip-file and start Mediaboard.exe.
  3. Pin the Mediaboard icon to your task bar.

Need help?

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How Do I Download and Start Mediaboard?

How To Download and Start

Download and Start

1. Install using Setup.exe

You can install Mediaboard like a normal Windows program. It still remains portable and can be copied using the Easy Share function or directly from the Applications folder.

  1. Download and start the file Mediaboard-Setup.exe (FREE or PRO).
  2. Follow the installation instructions.
  3. After installation, you will find Mediaboard FREE in your Start menu and on your desktop.

2. Download as Folder

If you do not want to use the Mediaboard Installer, you can also download Mediaboard as a packed folder.

  1. Download and unzip the file Mediaboard-Zip.zip.
  2. Open the unzipped Mediaboard folder and start the file Mediaboard.exe.
  3. If you now minimize the app, then you will find the Mediaboard icon in the task bar and can pin it with a right mouse click.

Possible notifications the first time you start Mediaboard

Windows SmartScreen.

  1. Click on More info
  2. Click on Run anyway to start using Mediaboard.

windows defender smartscreen 001 EN 500x471 - Mediaboard FREE Checkout EN windows defender smartscreen 002 EN 500x471 - Mediaboard FREE Checkout EN












User Account Control

  1. Select ´Yes´to proceed.
  2. Mediaboard´s start up process will continue.

uac en app allow changes - Mediaboard FREE Checkout EN

VBS notification

  1. Untick the ´Always ask´ option.
  2. Click Ópen´to start using Mediaboard.

VBS Warning Lenovo 500x490 - Mediaboard FREE Checkout EN

Statement: Downloading Mediaboard to Drive C: or to the Programs Folder might fail if you do not have administrator rights on the computer.

Software License Terms

Software License Terms

Use of the Mediaboard FREE License

  1. The Mediaboard FREE license is a free and non-expiring license with free updates.
  2. The Mediaboard FREE license entitles you to unrestricted, private use, use in schools and universities or for educational purposes.
  3. The Mediaboard FREE license allows unlimited copying. This means that any FREE license or copy thereof may be copied and distributed indefinitely and without any restrictions or surcharge.
  4. Support via ticket system without guaranteed response time (SLA), no email or chat support.
  5. The Mediaboard FREE Version is and remains free.

Use of the Mediaboard PRO License

  1. The Mediaboard PRO license is a non-expiring license with free updates and upgrades.
  2. The Mediaboard PRO license entitles you to private, educational and commercial unrestricted use.
  3. The Mediabaord PRO license allows you to copy an original board at no extra cost as often as the purchased license permits (1:1 inclusive copy). All other copies (replicas) can be charged with a category top-up so you can create new categories or edit existing ones.
  4. Support via Ticket System, e-mail or chat (SLA 24 hours).

Disclaimer for the Mediaboard FREE and PRO Software

This disclaimer is accepted by the user every time the software is used.

  1. We successfully tested Mediaboard and released it as stable from version number 2.x However, malfunctions could occur due to an infinite number of possible combinations of installed hardware and software among different users.
  2. Therefore we provide the software and your documentation hereby expressly “as is” and without any warranty for function, correctness or accuracy.
  3. For any direct or indirect damage – in particular damage to other software, damage to hardware, damage due to loss of use and damage due to inoperability of the software, the provider cannot be held liable.
  4. The author and AG Computing makes no warranties of any kind, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability or provision for a specific purpose.
  5. Under no circumstances will the author or our suppliers be liable for any incidental or consequential damages, including any loss of income, loss of property, or other damages arising or arising as a result of the use or inability to use the Software, even if advised of the possibility of such damages.
  6. Only the user bears any consequences of using this software. If you disagree with this disclaimer, you must not use the software.