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Mediaboard FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Mediaboard In General

What is Mediaboard? It looks like another presentation app.

Mediaboard is a digital file organiser software that lets you organise, display and distribute your content on one screen.

Mediaboard goes further than the traditional presentation tool allowing you to view, play and give away different kinds of digital files, projects and presentations (e.g. Powerpoint) in an app.

Why should I use Mediaboard?

Mediaboard multiplies the possibilities and the impact for content display and content sharing in meetings, presentations or for private use.

Your board gives you immediate access and clear overview to projects, work samples, videos and other files with a design component that enables you to create beautiful styles your content.


Is Mediaboard available for my device?

Mediaboard is available for PCs, tablets and laptops with Windows Vista and Windows 7-10.

In Development: Mac OS and Android

How can I install Mediaboard?

You can download Mediaboard as a setup file and install it like a normal Windows program. Or you can download and unpack the Mediaboard Zip archive and then start Mediaboard directly from the unzipped folder.

How can I redistribute Mediaboard?

You can share or give away your Mediaboard by making it available on a shared cloud drive or making a copy directly from your board onto a USB stick or other removable drives.

Mediaboard is compatible with common cloud providers like One Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive or Magenta Cloud. There needs to be a sync client installed on computers where Mediaboard is being used via the cloud.


Isn't using a USB stick old fashioned?

Cloud drives offer versatility. However we also believe that giving your files away – as in the case of Mediaboard – on a USB stick is also a good and familiar option for easy replication and secure transportation of larger size files.

Does my Mediaboard fit on my USB Stick?

The total size of a  shared board changes according to the the cards (files) which you choose to make portable. The more the number of portable files, the larger your board will be.

If the capacity of your USB or other removable disk is enough, Mediaboard will inform you.

How many copies of Mediaboard can I make?

You can copy and distribute the Mediaboard FREE version as often as you like. This can always be copied with up to three categories. More categories are not possible in the FREE version.

You can copy and redistribute the Mediaboard PRO version as often as the license allows (1:1 inclusive copy). Any inclusive copy made from an original board is unrestricted in use. If the number of inclusive copies of an original board has been reached, Mediaboard will notify you. You can remove this limit by reloading your board with categories (Category Pack). Visit our shop for this.

Generally applies:

  • Each Mediaboard can be copied and the PRO functionality of each copy is unrestricted.
  • Only one original board can make inclusive copies, at no extra cost (number depending on license) containing the equivalent categories of the original board (1:1 inclusive copy).
  • For further copies charge your board with a category top-up so you can create new categories or edit existing ones. (Category Pack).

Is Mediaboard available for TV, wallscreens and beamers?

Yes. When you connect your computer or tablet to your smart TV or beamer, or use miracast to display onto a wall screen, you can best enjoy Mediaboard’s presentation at a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Do not forget to set your beamer to a widescreen format of 16:9.

How safe is Mediaboard?

Mediaboard is as safe as your computer, which should have up to date virus protection installed. Only the board settings can be protected using a password.

Mediaboard does not at any time change the Windows settings and files.

What is the best way to view Mediaboard?

Mediaboard is best viewed on full HD 1920. It can also be viewed on other screen sizes but always keeps the 16:9 format.

Which digital files does Mediaboard support?

Mediaboard supports document, presentation, image, audio, video and many other digital file formats. Web links, YouTube videos and other files can also be added.

Can l brand Mediaboard with my corporate identity?

Yes. You can use Mediaboard’s wide range of style options to customise your board according to your firm’s corporate identity or according to your personal taste.

Is Mediaboard only for business people?

Mediaboard is useful for everyone who would like to organise, present or distribute projects, documents, files or links in a modern, clearly structured way.

A board can be used in different scenarios, e.g. meetings, movie evenings, presentations, in computer rooms or as a smart interface on a shared cloud drive.

I need special functionality for my Mediaboard.

We offer specialised customisation of Mediaboard’s functionality.

Please contact us for your requests.

Mediaboard Basics

What are categories?

Categories enable you to group your cards using topics. Categroies are the overall structure in a board.

What are cards?

Any digital media or link that you want to add to your board is presented as a card.

A card contains the title, description, a thumbnail and the media itself (file or link). A card design can be customised in many different ways.

We use the term card as an alias to describe an interactive object that supports various multimedia actions.

What does it mean to make cards portable?

Making cards portable making your content mobile.

If you want to share or give away content, the cards (files) have to be made portable so that your content can be opened on other computers.

The ‘portable’ function can be turned on or off on every card.

Where do I find the board settings?

You can find all settings and styling options for your board in the Settings Panel on the right-hand side. Press the Menu Button and the Gear Icon.

Can l play and view all my files with Mediaboard?

Mediboard comes with a portable video player and PDF viewer. You can play most videos and open PDF documents.

All other files have to be supported by your system. E.g. Microsoft Word has to be installed on your computer if you want to open a Word document.

Mediaboard Troubleshooting

Mediaboard has downloaded but is not starting.

  1. Start again using the Easy Loader and repeat the download process.
  2. If you have downloaded Mediaboard using the ZIP archive, extract the file. You will find the, ‘Mediaboard.exe’ file in the new Mediaboard folder. Start this file.
  3. The download can fail if you download Mediaboard in a programme folder or directly onto the C: drive.

My Board is empty.

If you have changed or deleted a Mediaboard system file, this can cause Mediaboard to malfunction or eventually lead to an empty black screen.

Download Mediaboard again or open up a Support Ticket where we can help you further.

My settings are locked.

  1. The Settings have been locked with a password.
  2. The board is on a shared cloud drive and the settings have been temporarily locked by the Master board.
  3. A Mediaboard system file has been compromised.

All my content is lost

Mediaboard does not have the means for wiping or deleting all of your content either mistakenly or automatically.

Categories as well as cards  can only be added or deleted from your board individually.

Therefore the loss of all your content is  not an option. Most likely files have been mistakenly deleted or there is a malfunction of your hardware.

l have reached the maximum number of cards/categories.

If you are using the FREE Version, you can simply copy, rename and delete the categories from the board. In this way you can start with a fresh, new board.

The PRO Version contains more categories and cards than the FREE Version. If you have reached the limit you can copy your board up to 4 times (as described above). More copies require a new PRO license.

l have connected Mediaboard to my screen but there is no sound.

Most likely you have connected your computer, screen or beamer with a VGA cable. This type of cable does not transmit sound. You need to connect an additonal audio cable.

We recommend instead using an HDMI cable for the picture and sound.

l have connected Mediaboard to my screen but l see no picture.

You have connected your computer, screen or beamer with a cable. Make sure that the equipment is turned on. Additionally the right source has be be selected.

If the screen continues to show no picture, press the Windows+P buttons on your computer to call up the projection functions. Here you can select different options in which Mediaboard can be displayed on the screen.

Can l reset Mediaboard?

Yes. You can reset all Mediaboard settings and customised designs. This reset will not affect your content; categories and cards (files).

In most cases a malfunction can be solved by resetting the board so you can enjoy full functionality again.

Find the Reset Option in the Board Info Tab.

How do l delete / uninstall Mediaboard?

Mediaboard does not have to uninstalled. It is enough to delete the whole Mediaboard folder.

Please be aware that by doing this all your cards and Mediaboard files will be deleted.

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