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Mediaboard helps medical professors, students and practitioners to effectively gather digital resources for medical study, research and presentation in a structured and professional way.

Curing a patient or discovering a new medicine that heals a disease is fulfillment for any medical specialist.  Achieving this goal means a long process of continued learning that requires much effort and the ability to master an enormous range of medical content.

Along with plenty of drive and compassion, having the best tools to support your learning methods helps you achieve the best results in building an expert knowledge base that can guide you throughout a sustainable medical career .

Organise Digital Resources – Collect Medical Files and Links

Move beyond your text books into a beautiful interface

The sheer amount of material to digest when starting out in your medical studies can be overwhelming. This makes it a priority to establish highly effective, characteristic ways of training that are the pillars on your path of lifelong learning. Mediaboard can help you to build your own system of retaining medical concepts across several disciplines during your medical studies, providing you with an easy and dynamic overview of all your content. Use the structured layout to properly categorise different fields of study and organise information in a tailored and targeted way.

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Organise Digital Resources - Collect Medical Files and Links

Whichever area of medicine you are studying, whether Anatomy, Biochemistry, Pathology and more, use the categories and cards provided by Mediaboard to structure your topics and combine digital resources into a visual board. Cards may include images, documents, scans, x-rays, lectures, videos, field tests and notes, web links, and many other formats that you can then share and present in your desired design.

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  • Clear overview of all the digital content that you have collected for your medical studies.
  • Category structure to clearly organise medical topics and resources.
  • Add your digital files as customisable cards that can be opened and viewed.
  • Cards can include images, documents, scans, x-rays, lectures, videos, links and more.
  • Use Mediaboard to organise digital resources for your medical studies.

Structure – Build Your Board

Create your own digital medical library

Pulling all the medical information together in one place helps you better grasp the material and understand how it all fits together. The process of building a Mediaboard and adding your digital resources, gives you flexibility to decide how best to organise your information in order to remember it for the long term. In addition the process of working closely with your content supports you in gaining an understanding about each area of medical study in its individual context as well as how it interrelates to other areas of study.

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Locate information from a variety of digital sources, capture medical concepts and relationships, not just the terms and memorise them with each new card, rather than in traditonal learning by just cramming. All the medical information sources you collect are accessible in flexible layouts for easy, targeted selection, grouping or visualisation of content.

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  • Organise information to support understanding, application and analysis of what you are learning.
  • Easy navigation around the board helps you quickly and strategically internalise medical concepts.
  • Flexible card layouts allow you to easily select, group and customise information.
  • Each card is a digital file or link that you can open and engage your learning process.
  • Mediaboard – collect, teach, learn, just a click away.

Customise Using Visuals – Easy Allocation and Recognition of Resources

Adapt your board to suit your medical studies and the way you learn

During the many different phases of your clinical years, you can always support and refresh existing or new information through visually customisable layouts. No matter if you want to extract facts from documents, view images and videos or listen to sound files, Mediaboard ensures that boring files or endless web links finally get a face.

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The design component of Mediaboard makes it easy to visually prepare each item of content for your medical studies so that it stands out. Not only can you add different types of  medical resources but you have the opportunity to style them in a way that makes them easy to pinpoint. Whether you are connecting facts in documents, viewing images or listening to sound files, each card is unique with its own title, description and preview image and each category can be defined with a background image or video (PRO).

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  • Make digital medical cards easily recognisable using preview images, titles and descriptions.
  • Define your medical study categories using colours and board themes.
  • Choose different card layouts and display sizes and navigate easily in and around your collection of medical files.
  • Strong search functionality quickly finds all relevant content for a search term.
  • Slideshow –  Mediaboard Features.

Team Up – Make Medical Content Portable and Shareable

Present and share your medical studies and findings.

Private study is one thing. What about working in different teams, with external colleagues, or at a medical conference?  Mediaboard enables you to keep control of the content you share whereby the digital files collected can be used and updated directly in your visual board. Furthermore the clearly structured layout of content in your board and the interactive functionality allow you to flexibly target the information you need to present your medical findings confidently.

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Share files and information directly by copying your board to a shared cloud drive or removable storage device (such as a USB stick) in just a few clicks. Mediaboard is great as a presentation platform, either from your laptop, PC or on large touch or wall screens in conference rooms.

  • Prepare medical content and present it directly from your board.
  • Intuitively access digital resources to interact with your team or audience more freely.
  • Distribute information directly out of your board by making files portable.
  • Share your medical presentation or selected files via the cloud.
  • More about sharing your content.

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For Professors and Medical Experts

A dynamic tool to present the latest medical research

Use Mediaboard to collect and present your medical journals, research papers and lectures and connect to colleagues that are actively involved in your field of interest.

Mediaboard on a shared cloud drive enables you to prepare your digital resources for presentation from any connected location while synchronizing each connected presentation location (e.g. conference room or laboratory).  Easily update the files on your mediaboard and share current results from a portable content management platform, making chosen content available via the cloud.

mb inpost medical studies present lastest medical research 500x254 - Mediaboard - Medical StudiesCurricula, lesson plans and assignments can be made available in Mediaboard to create interactive, media-based learning opportunities. This can be a shared board on the campus server which students can access, or even your own personal medical board on OneDrive, Dropbox GoogleDrive, or the Magenta Cloud.

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  • Show your work and findings using a clear category/card structure.
  • Bring digital resources together that can be easily viewed and played from one app.
  • Make lessons and assignments dynamic using Mediaboard’s modern visual and functional components.
  • Choose what content to share by making files portable and shareable via the cloud.
  • All about Mediaboard.


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