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Optimise, elevate, educate

AGComputing Ltd.

Finding solutions for businesses that seek best working practices and a happy workforce.

AG Computing is dedicated and passionate in its way of working with small and medium size businesses to create software products and provide IT services that enhance, improve and bring innovation to the digital landscape. Software development, IT consulting and media design are at the heart of our work. We create digital tools and solutions, IT systems and application networks that provide productive and intelligent ways to connect people and optimise their work processes.

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In our opinion, there is nothing better than a company with satisfied employees. One of the keys we have found is the use of our software to connect work processes and make them user-friendly so that people can adopt and enjoy the best work practices.

In addition to business software, we develop digital media and marketing solutions that are tailored to the needs of businesses, brands and individuals in defining their digital space. Customers benefit from business analytics and effective application networks that improve productivity and the exchange of content and information.

AGC aims

  • Development of innovative, user-friendly and popular software solutions and tools that have a lasting and positive impact on companies, communities, educational institutions and individuals and optimize productivity in every respect.
  • Analyse, improve and simplify digital business processes.
  • Work freely, independently and flexibly so that everyone can contribute their talents, innovative ideas and expertise, create something special and achieve their business goals.
  • Build long-lasting and reliable customer and business partnerships.


AGC specialties

App and Software Development

Software and Media Design

Application Networks & QBO

IT Portfolio Management

Business Systems Development

Web Development

In today´s digital age with a tech industry that is always looking to the future, where people and machines are becoming smarter and companies are always looking for new answers to their customers’ needs, we as software developers are encouraged to think creatively about what product types need to be developed for the market.

The Digital Flood

Surfing the waves

The digital flood of new information sources and formats offers new opportunities for us to access valuable digital resources and information that we can use for business, education, or private purposes.

Platforms that offer us the storage of important resources are available, but each one is limited at a certain point, whether this be an unsupported format or a lengthy process for storing files and links, not to mention the lack of customisation, or the need for subscriptions, logins and passwords.

How can we prioritise digital resources and information as we navigate through the digital flood? Our solution has been to develop a tool that can handle these difficulties, yet still be easy to use, have endless customisation options, and moreover distribute all resources further.

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I have combined my technical know-how as a programmer, my experience with customers and my knowledge of digital agility and productivity requirements to develop Mediaboard as a universal app that allows users to work dynamically in an integrated and targeted way with digital media content.

Education, Business, Private

About Mediaboard

Mediaboard and your digital resources

Every piece of digital media has its own life. As we collect more and more of them, we drop them into folders or bookmarking tools for further use or archiving.  No matter how much we work in a structured way, over time a mix of valuable and non-valuable digital resources emerges. This happens because of lack of time, lack of concentration, lack of discipline or simply because a resource is no longer relevant for the work at hand.

How can we do it better?

With Mediaboard, a universal app that gives you a whole new experience when working with digital resources, media and formats by allowing you…

  • to collect
    Any digital format – Combine documents, videos, music, YouTube, web links, and other digital content from multiple sources into one visual board that is independent, dynamic, and easy to use.
  • to organise
    Structure, Style, Show – Give your files and digital resources face and character. Enjoy working with a modern, elegant interface and many design and layout components.
  • to brand
    Many customising options – Create strikingly beautiful boards with numerous layout and styling options. Sort and search, create custom designs, and apply various effects and animations.
  • to present
    Mediaboard supports you with dynamic presentation processes – During and after your presentation with Mediaboard you will always be able to react quickly to questions asked, supported by different kinds of work samples, videos, documents or links that can be called up in a much faster, more agile and targeted way than on a desktop or from a company server.
  • to share
    Share. Charging. Ready to go – Share digital content with teams, customers, or via the cloud and portable storage devices, or import content directly to your board as ready-to-use content packages.
  • to publish
    Mediaboard Content Packages – Become part of a growing content sharing community that collects, designs, packages, and shares valuable information sources.
  • to access external data
    Instead of clicking through endless search results, you can save time by finding, importing, and running Mediaboard Content Packages with selected digital resources right from your board.

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Interactive All-In-One platform – Use Mediaboard to make your work with digital media more vibrant

A Fresh Perspective

Mediaboard encourages you to think more carefully about your digital resources, such as how they can be arranged and structured so that you get to know your content thoroughly and can realise its full potential. Unlike files that you use and save for later, Mediaboard cards are living resources that can be branded, presented and shared in a unique way and that carry a strong visual impact.

Mediaboard offers you a dynamic way to prepare content in various formats that can be displayed or presented as a digital board on any Windows PC, laptop, tablet, smartboard, beamer or touchscreen and also shared in whole or in part. Each board can be copied or selected categories and cards exported as a Mediaboard Content Package for import into other boards.

Mediaboard Content Packages are the fastest way to share or distribute selected and branded digital content.

Use the cloud the right way

Cloud functionality is available to all of us. Once you have an email account with a major online provider, you’ll almost certainly have cloud storage available and your computer can synchronise content. The question is whether you’re making the most of the cloud when you’re working with digital media. So far, you share your personal files, documents, studies, videos, or images by sending a link to the resource or using a shared cloud folder. Working with shared resources in this way is often not sufficient for teamwork or to work collaboratively in a clear and concise way because the files are cryptically or incomprehensibly named, or hidden away in folders.

We recognised this and developed Mediaboard as a cloud-ready, portable desktop app for Windows, to significantly simplify the management of digital resoures. Your digital resources can be collected and shared as a board on a cloud drive, giving you the opportunity to use it as a customisable cloud front-end. Whatever design you choose and whenever you add content to your board this will be available for the other people in the same way. In addition, simply take Mediaboard with you on a USB stick or any other storage device, connect it to another computer and run the board as created.

Mediaboard provides you with a new experience in working with digital media for branding, blended learning, content design, content sharing, marketing, presentation, research and workflows.


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Categories are the top level structure for your board. Learn more about categories
Projects, files and links display as cards.Learn more about cards
In the Settings Panel find all options for your board. Learn More about the Settings Panel
Effortless functionality with touch, keyboard and mouse. Learn More about functionality
Multiple colour and style options to create your own board designs. Learn more about styling options
Distribute your board on USB and other storage devices. Learn more about sharing
Stream your board on a wallscreen or smart TV or beam it in HD on a projection screen. Learn more about streaming
Use Mediaboard in the cloud as a streamlined interface for all users. Learn more about Mediaboard in the cloud
mediaboard curved tv bird trimmed - AGComputing
Use Mediaboard in the cloud as a streamlined interface for all users. Learn more about Mediaboard in the cloud

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