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What Is Mediaboard?

Mediaboard is an app for Windows that lets you collect, organise, show and share digital media and resources with a modern and beautiful interface.

Collect your projects, documents, videos, music, images, YouTube or other web links as a board that acts like a portable content management system (cms).  You can style your Mediaboard in your own design then share it in the cloud, on USB or in the local network LAN.

Present your Mediaboard on PCs, laptops or tablets, stream it on large modern screens like Smartboards,  smart TVs or beamers with gesture control and inspire every audience for your content.

a moment with mediaboard 800px - Mediaboard - What Is Mediaboard, do I need it and how to start?
A moment with Mediaboard..

Present, learn or just watch movies

Do I need Mediaboard?

Many people working with computers, whether for private use, in the company or at school have different types of files or links which need to be displayed or presented. This could be in meetings, conferences, presentations or simply for a group of people at the computer.

In most cases the important files are kept on the Desktop to be quickly opened, if you know where to click. In other instances you find yourself looking in folders or on the web while others are watching you and your Desktop is also visible for them to see. So far so good.

You have made your presentation and it has gone well. However this time somebody wants to take content with them. Out comes the USB stick or you create a folder on your cloud drive, starting again from the beginning, searching for the different files, copying them or pasting links to send off in an email. Double the work and time.

What if there were an App that could combine all these steps into one, and that can be shared or distributed in your own modern and beautiful designs on USB or in the cloud? The solution is Mediaboard.

Mediaboard functions differently from other presentation tools. You can collect, organise, view and play videos, documents and links in one app and share or give it away as a board.

Mediaboard is not suitable for sensitive information or sources. It is an app to organize media sources.

Download and start Mediaboard

How Do I Start?

Set your categories, add some cards which can be files, links, projects or DVD’s. Easily structure all your electronic media to show, present and distribute it from one app.

Explore board styling options, create and customise your beautiful board, beam or cast it to a wall or presentation screen or display it on a Smart TV.

Enjoy it, share it and let others love your board. Update your team, cloud control office branches, impress your friends or just make your boss happy.

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