Content Package (125 MB) – Steinway & Sons//(Grands)


A free collection of digital resources about Steinway & Sons grand pianos.

Steinway & Sons Grands – 24 cards, 125 MB

Package Index

001. Passion, Dedication, Expertise (MP4)
The Steinway Craftsmen

002. D-274 (Website)
STEINWAY – The overwhelming choice of the world’s great pianists.

003. C-227 (Website)
STEINWAY – Concert grand offering a large variety of sound and touch.

004. B-211 (Website)
STEINWAY – “The Perfect Piano” wonderfully balanced and versatile.

005. Steinway Crown Jewels (MP4)
STEINWAY – Exciting grand and upright pianos made from exquisite woods.

006. A-188 (Website)
STEINWAY – Produces a powerful and warm sound.

007. o-180 (Website)
STEINWAY – Modest size with exceptionally warm and rich sound.

008. M-170 (Website)
STEINWAY – Medium-sized grand with a rich tone and responsive action.

009. S-155 (Website)
STEINWAY – Baby grand with a powerful rich tone of a much larger piano.

010. Steinway Special Collection (Website)
STEINWAY – Artistic masterpieces to be treasured.

011. Heliconia Piano (Webvideo)
STEINWAY – Designed by Lalique. Watch the special collection piano come to life.

012. Steinway Limited Edition (Website)
STEINWAY – Extraordinary collaborations.

013. Steinway SPIRIO (MP4)
Piano player that captures nuances and emotion of artist’s original performance.

014. Steinway Augmented Reality (Website)
STEINWAY APP – Find your pefect piano.

015. Boston Distribution Centre (MP4)
Boston and Essex prep centre

016. GP – 215 PE (Website)
BOSTON Performance Edition – Highest level of playing comfort for any level pianists.

017. GP – 193 PE (Website)
BOSTON Performance Edition – Warm sound suitable for educational institutions.

018. GP – 178 PE (Website)
BOSTON Performance Edition – Excellent for professionals and private use.

019. GP – 163 PE (Website)
BOSTON Performance Edition – Ideal for any home, sound of a much larger grand.

020. GP – 156 PE (Website)
BOSTON Performance Edition – Smallest Boston grand piano for most enjoyable playing.

021. The Rainbow Collection (Website)
BOSTON – Choose your favourite colour and design your grand piano

022. Boston 25th Anniversary (Website)
Grand piano with extraordinary elegance and quality.

023. EGP – 173C (Website)
ESSEX Classic – Ideal for lovers of traditional piano design.

024. ECP – 155C (Website)
ESSEX Classic – Delivers outstanding sound performance.

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