Content Package (3 MB) – Steinway & Sons//(Uprights)


A free collection of digital resources about Steinway & Sons upright pianos.

Steinway & Sons Uprights – 12 cards, 260 MB

Package Index

001. V-125 (Website)
STEINWAY – Tone, responsiveness of touch, stability of performance.

002. K-132 (Website)
STEINWAY – Balanced touch, broad sound, rich volume.

003. UP-132E PE (Website)
BOSTON – Produces a full, powerful sound equivalent to some grand pianos.

004. UP-126E PE (Website)
BOSTON – Ideal choice for insitutions and private musicians.

005. UP-118E PE (Website)
BOSTON – The best in beauty and performance at an affordable price.

006. EUP-123FL (Website)
ESSEX – Upright piano with an elegant design and strong visual presence.

007. EUP-123E (Website)
ESSEX – Elegantly proportioned with a traditional design.

008. EUP-116E (Website)
ESSEX – Traditional design with a wide range of veneers.

009. EUP-111E (Website)
ESSEX – A classic design that can be the perfect choice for every home.

010. EUP-108C (Website)
ESSEX – Continental styling with contemporary design at an affordable price.

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