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001. 991 (911) Carrera S (Website)
2012/3 7th generation power, performance, perfection. 187mph.

002. 986/987/981 Boxster (Website)
1996-2012 Inspired by lines of the Porsche Spyder of early 1950s. 165mph.

003. 964 (911) Turbo (Website)
1992 Wide fenders, speed controlled, electronic rear wing. 185mph.

004. 959 (Website)
1986-1989 All wheeldrive. Tech advanced sports car. 195mph.

005. 930 ‘Slantnose’ (Website)
1981-1989 ‘Flachbau’ special order. Remodelling front fenders. 175mph.

006. 924 Carrera GTS (Website)
1981 First front-engined, water-cooled, four-cylinder, 110hp. 155mph.

007. RSR Turbo (935) (Website)
1974-1979 Factory racing version of the 911 turbo. 180 – 200mph.

008. 911 Carrera RS (Website)
1973-1974 Limited Rennsport production. 2.7-litre. 210hp. 150mph.

009. 917 K (Website)
1969-1973 Iconic racing car, high speed, power. Le Mans movie. 200 – 230mph.

010. 911 S (Website)
1967-1969 Aerodynamic steel body, 6-cylinder engine, 5-speed. 130pmh.

011. 904 GTS (Website)
1964 Fibreglass. Winner, international racing with spyders. 135pmh.

012. 356 GT Coupe (Website)
1956-1964 Carrera recognised for a-dynamics, superior handling. 125mph.

013. 550 Spyder (Webvideo)
1953-1955 Classic sports car. Victory Le Mans, Europe endurance races. 130mph.

014. 356 Carerra (Webvideo)
1954-1959 Luxury sports car with special DOHC racing engine. 125mph.

015. 356 / 1 (Website)
1948 Orig. Porsche, rear engine, light, clever engineering. 90mph.

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