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Mediaboard Video – Ways To Work With Card Preview Images

By 27th May 2018 No Comments

Mediaboard Video //
Ways To Work With Card Preview Images

Learn how to use thumbnails to work quickly and efficiently

The card preview images is displayed on the left side of the map for the Classic card type and in the full card size for the Poster type card. It can also be switched to transparent. Mediaboard adapts all thumbnails in 16: 9 format for the best possible display. (Documentation)

video poster  mediaboard video tutoiral card preivew images1280x720 - Mediaboard Video - Ways To Work With Card Preview Images

What you learned:

  • Add a preview image from your computer: Click the image icon in the left top corner to select an image from a folder.
  • Paste a preview image from the clipboard: Click the paste icon to paste the image that was copied to the clipboard.
  • Reposition a preview image:  Adjust the vertical position of a preview image by dragging it to the desired 16:9 format for best view.
  • Generate an image from a source: When adding a website link, an image or Youtube video, click the magic wand icon to generate the preview image.
  • Crop a preview image: Increase or decrease the unwanted borders using the plus/minus buttons.
  • Toggle card preview: See how your image looks with your title and chosen font colour.
  • Reset preview image: Click the reset icon in case you have added an unwanted image.

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