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Mediaboard Video – Background Example 2

By 25th November 2017 No Comments

Mediaboard Video //
Video-Background Example 2

Mediaboard support background videos

Add a video as a background

You can add a loop video sequence as a cool background effect. Make sure you do not use big videos or exotic video formats.

video poster video background example 2 - Mediaboard Video - Background Example 2

We recommend videos in MP4 or WMV format, a video file size of 15-30 MB and a loop duration of 10-15 seconds. If the video does not play, the required video codec is not installed on the computer.

The background video should have a size of 1920 x 1080 pixels to fit exactly into the board. Mediaboard adjusts the size of a background video so that videos are stretched at a lower resolution and blurred.

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