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Mediaboard Video – Background Example 1

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Mediaboard Video //
Video-Background Example 1

Add cool background effects

Add a loop video sequence as a category background

Instead of a picture, a short video can also be used as the app background. The video should not exceed 30 seconds and 50 MB file size to keep it as fluid as possible. The video is played back automatically in a loop. As a video format we recommend MP4, however other formats are also supported.

Mediaboard Video Background Example 1 - Mediaboard Video - Background Example 1

To insert a video, click / tap the blue label “(Video: …) at the bottom of the Main Settings tab to display the background video selection box. Another click on the label switches back to the image selection box.

NOTE: If a background video does not play, the required video codec (makes the video visible) may not be present on your computer. In this case, download and install the small add-on program Quicktime for Windows here. After that, your video should run smoothly.

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