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A free collection of digital resources about important people in Ancient History.

Ancient History (VIPs) – 12 cards, 260 MB

Package Index

001. Gaius Marius 107 – 86 BC (PDF)
The law speaks too softly to be heard amidst the din of arms.

002. Spartacus 73 – 71 BC (Webvideo)
If a single life holds no value then none are of worth.

003. Julius Caesar 49 – 44 BC (Webvideo)
I love the name of honour more than I fear death.

004. Augustus 27 BC – 14 AD (Webvideo)
I found Rome a city of bricks and left it a city of marble.

005. Tiberius 14 – 37 AD (AAC)
Let them hate me provided they respect my conduct.

006. Nero 54 – 68 AD (AAC)
Do I live for the people, or do the people live for me?

007. Vespasian 69 – 79 AD (Webvideo)
Riches are well, if gotten well and spent well.

008. Titus 79 – 81 AD (MP3)
It becomes an emperor to die standing.

009. Trajan 98 – 117 AD (Webvideo)
If I fulfil my duties, use if for me; if I fail, against me.

010. Marcus Aurelius 161 – 180 AD (MP4)
The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none know anything about the subject.

011. Commodus 177 – 192 AD (Website)
Education and cushioned introduction to power does not make a great leader.

012. Constantine 307 – 337 AD (Website)
I can tell you that this city mastered the entire universe.

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