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Agile Presenting With Mediabaord

Everything in its place and fast on the screen

Have you ever wondered how to make your live presentations standout?

With Mediaboard, you can quickly pinpoint and call up content and digital resources as they are needed to support your presentation.

Imagine all your projects and media collected together in one visual board from where you can confidently call up different types of files; web pages, picture galleries or file folders. Since you created your board card by card and categorised them by topic, you know exactly where each resource is and are free to step out of your linear presentation into a more intuitive interaction with your audience.

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Polish past gems

Old projects in a new guise

In the course of your digital working life, not only are completed projects and finals scattered in various locations, but often labor-intensive, valuable designs or  studies disappear in the catacombs of working folders.

Take a little time and revive old dusty gems with Mediaboard. You will experience many beautiful memories and rediscover your work once again with colleagues and friends for pleasure.

Your Mediaboard – purposeful, individual, interactive, sharable and distributable.

mediaboard pro blue box EN 389x500 - Mediaboard - Make your presentations exceptional

Is this you?

  • Your Meetings – Pitching with references and work samples that you show on a presentation screen.
  • Your Webssite – Visitors come here and you hope they find the information they are looking for.
  • Your Laptop or Tablet – In a group meeting you show a PowerPoint or files that are located on your desktop folder.
  • Your  Cloud Drive – You share a folder and hope that your client finds the files you have prepared.

Could this be you?

  • Working with Mediaboard means a new and unique way to use the board software.
  • Organise, style and share any digital file using one app: videos, projects, campaigns, books, design visuals, images, weblinks.
  • Share your Mediaboard with teams or clients via the cloud across different office branches or give it away on a USB stick or other removable devices.
  • Download Mediaboard FREE or PRO

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