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Mediaboard Basic and Advanced online training

We look forward to helping you integrate Mediaboard into your digital life and business.

Get professional results quickly with our Mediaboard basic online training in English or German. Or even become a board specialist by booking multiple advanced trainings to learn how to use Mediaboard for agile work with digital media.


Training Availablilty

Trainings in English language: Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm
Trainings in German language: Monday – Thursday 6pm – 7pm, Sunday –  2pm – 6pm

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Mediaboard Basic Training

Our Basic Training provides you with a basic introudction to the main components of Mediaboard

  1. Introduction – Mediaboard history and concept
  2. Categories and Cards – editing, permissions, components and assets
  3. Settings Panel – main settings, settings tabs, Quick Access Bar, Card Effects Panel, Category Panel
  4. Styles and Themes – background styles, colours and transparencies
  5. Layout and Navigation – display modes
  6. Share and Distribute – sharing and distributing of boards


Mediaboard Advanced Training

Our advanced training includes a basic introduction to Mediaboard covering categories, cards, settings, styles, layouts and additionally takes you through advanced techniques for pop-ups, customisation, presentation and cloud collaboration.

  1. Understanding Mediaboard and Ist Core Components – categories, cards, settings and styles
  2. Category Permissions – private, public and alien categories, favourites and sorting
  3. Cards and Separators – card components and assets, card info-merging, card effects and codes
  4. Layout and Navigation – display modes: Classic, Poster, Grid and Spread, touch and swipe
  5. Themes and Styles – background styles, colours and transparencies, layout Patterns
  6. Settings and Panels – Settings tabs, Kiosk Mode and password protection, Card Effects and Category Panel
  7. Cloud Capabilities – Master and Client boards, syncing, forcing or applying master styles to Clients
  8. Content Sharing – sharing and distributing of boards, exchanging of Mediaboard Content Packages
  9. Advanced Pop-up Techniques – creating and using of text, video and image pop-ups across categories

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